5 Stars for Igilio and Alternativeetna

Lovick16 - New York City

Recently returned from a trip to Sicily. We booked a private tour to Etna, with 2 wineries. Igilio picked us up at our hotel and we loved him immediately. He epitomizes Sicilian hospitality. He is very knowledgeable about Etna and the region, having grown up there. He talked with us to find out our interest so that he could tailor our tour to make sure we had a great time. He was a great driver and guide and was careful not to take the turns to fast since my daughter and I get car sick. He stopped to show us red fox fruit growing along the road up to Etna, Igilio runs ski trips at Etna and invited us back in the winter months to join one of his ski tours. He is reliable and runs a great tour of Etna and the wineries. He really cares about his guests experience.

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