Pizzi Deneri (2800 mt) and Bottoniera Craters of the 2002 Eruption

Departures scheduled everyday from Piano Provenzana


Departures scheduled everyday from Piano Provenzana on board of 4×4 jeeps along the panoramic street that goes up to the northern side of the Etna, between ancient craters and recent lava flows, till we arrive at the Volcanological Observatory, at a height of 2800 mt.

Once arrived there, you will be accompanied by our guides till the panoramic viewpoint of Pizzi Deneri, from which a marvelous panorama will open up before your eyes: from Etna Summit Craters to the Ionian Sea, looking over Valle del Bove and Valle del Leone (the visibility could change according to weather or volcanic conditions).

After that, returned to the vehicles, the next stop will be at the lateral Craters of the 2002 eruption, where you will do a short but fascinating trekking along the craters’ edges of the eruption that destroyed Piano Provenzana. Finally, you will go back to Piano Provenzana with the means of transport.

• Departures planned everyday from Piano Provenzana.
• Arrival at a height of 2800 mt.
• Start of trekking till the viewpoint of Pizzi Deneri, 2830 mt.
• Minimum altitude of the trekking starting point: 2800 mt – maximum altitude reached: 2830 mt.
• Total climb uphill: 30 mt (it may vary)
• Total climb downhill: 30 mt (it may vary)
• Trekking downhill till the 2002 Craters
• Altitude of the trekking starting point: 2060 mt – altitude of the trekking arrival point: 1935 mt.
• Arrival at Piano Provenzana with the help of the 4×4 jeeps, 1800 mt.
• Total time of the trekking trail: 2 hours
• Total kilometers to be covered on foot (Viewpoint of Pizzi Deneri + 2002 Craters): 2,5 km
• Difficulty: T (Touristic)

Cost of the tour

Mandatory equipment:
• Snack
• Layered outfit (short sleeved t-shirt, long sleeved or thermal t-shirt) – (it may vary according to the season)
• Trekking shoes
• Windbreaker or quilted jacket
• Hat and gloves (according to the temperature)
• Water – minimum 1,5 L
• Possibility of renting shoes/jackets on site

Recommended equipment:
• Trekking sticks
• K-way (rainproof jacket)
• Backpack 25/30 L
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Lip balm
• Extra socks
• Long pants
• Rainproof jacket
• Extra t-shirt
• Handkerchief or bandana (to protect yourself from the dust or the volcanic gases)

Trekking doesn’t require great preparations on a physical level; it consists of a simple walk without extremely difficult walkways. Anyway, you must be always careful since volcanic soil could be inconsistent and unstable.
• The trekking is not recommended for those who practice little motor activity.
• The excursion could be subjected to variations at the discretion of the guides, or it could be interrupted in case of changes of environmental, climatic or volcanic conditions that could undermine the safety of the entire group.
• The total time of the trekking trail will depend on the general pace of the group.
• The excursion will be carried out according to the limits laid down by the ordinance in force.
The route is suitable also for children over 6 years old.
• The route consists of the ascent and the walking along the crater edges, this may cause dizziness to susceptible individuals.
• This type of itinerary is suited to people in good physical health, not suffering from particular diseases (cardio-vascular and breathing issues or hypertension).
• Pregnant women who have passed the third month of pregnancy are not allowed to take part to any excursion.
• To ensure the success of the excursion and its smooth running, it is advisable to be fully aware of one’s health conditions and, if necessary, to inform to the guides, in order to reduce the occurrence of any problems and avoid any risks.


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